Registrations for Participation

Registrations for participation in the ROBOTEX CYPRUS are only accepted through this website. The coach of each team is responsible for the registration of his/her teams and the players in the teams. For this purpose,the coach must register and create an account through the option Coach Registration at the main menu. 

Registration of a team includes the registration of each team player and the enrolment of the team in one or more challenges.  

The deadline for registrations is Wednesday 27th May 2020 at 23:59 and no extension will be given.

Documents for Completion 

In addition to the official registration process described above, the Coach must complete the special document "Team Participation Form" as indicated below. The document must be signed by the coach. 

Furthermore, each participant separately completes the special individual document "Competitor Participation Form» which is issued by the Organizers and confirms the details of the participant and the category he/she competes into.


Submission of Documents 

The documents must be formally submitted on the competition day by the team Coach to the Organizing Committee during the teams' qualification screening process. Each Team Participation Form must be accompanies with copies of ID cards or passports or birth certificates of the players of the team.

Upon confirmation of the details of the members of the team, the Coach will receive his/her team players' individual badges, one for each team player.

All teams that will participate in the final phase of each competition (best of the best) and the winning teams of the Educational Robotics competition must also submit the "Document for All Students" above, one for each player. This submission must be done after the completion of each competition. 



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